Anne Thomassen

Light my Fire

I´ll tell you a story

have always liked stories, all kinds of stories: fairytales, historical dramas and adventures, droll short stories, political truth and lies, cartoon series, scientific accounts, popular cultural tales, mediocre lyrics and soap operas. These are all narratives presenting variations of reality and are alternative perspectives through which to read contemporary life. Each narrative form provides us with its own pictures and approaches to meaning; it establishes a kind of substance we find ourselves in, a visual throng through which we manoeuvre daily. My favourite stories are fairytales, cartoon series and films. Their devices of idealization, clarity, condensed simple logic and visuality I use to create objects and stories about my own contemporary life-world. Power structures and symbols of power are perhaps given centre stage in some of my works. Power can be terrifying as well as sexy, and it is this seduction that underlies my choice of materials and methods.

Light My Fire is a series of works that reflects an unstable world situation and power structures. Design is baroque, modern design. The functional work is planned for the meeting room where the major decisions taken, and thus comment on the situation they find themselves in, and decisions made . Power can be both scary and seductive. Therefore, tight sleek design combined with decor from totally different environment. To create hybrid objects which may belong to many worlds. The sculptural objects are disturbing and ambivalent in its aesthetic gone down gender expression and serious content.