Anne Thomassen

Inventions and other Temptations

My stories and projects revolve around objects that are tested at the interface between functionality, sculpture and installation. The point of departure for my projects is a title or theme that also functions as a framework within which works can grow. I want the works to be able to be read on several levels. They should be open and invite viewers to enter into a room for reflection. By giving artworks several layers of meaning – through title, use of readymades, moulded elements, etc. – I can fabulate around themes both heavy and pretentious. At the core of these themes a human being can be found. Humans create for good and for ill. In what we dream about and strive for – in spite of all our self-assurance and knowledge – perhaps we have lost a bit of control, taken a wrong step.

Inventions and Other Temptations is a series of works where the absurd and a little weird is an important part of my work. The works are reminiscent of early existing objects found in the bathroom, electrical appliances, etc. My objects, or in some cases, machines, has a fictional feature that part of the objective is to contribute to "good luck and a prayer life. " We all have individual preferences for what happiness and a better life is. I've wanted to shed light on some of those desires.

Mail order catalogs are a perpetual source of inspiration. There is a wealth of things with the simple aim to beautify the surroundings, and here we encounter products of everyday inventors who can offer us that little extra we did not know we needed.

In my work there is a hint of surrealism and there is a comment to the alternative.