Anne Thomassen


Art history has a strong landscape tradition, and while such motifs often have depicted empirical landscapes, in some epochs, such as Romanticism, they also referred to inner, psychological landscapes – to people’s inner challenges. Romanticism was, in many respects, a reaction to the Enlightenment, which constituted an information revolution. And some main characteristics of landscape painting are, that nature often symbolizes the internal feelings of human beings, and that nature and culture (or civilization) stand in a dialectical relation to each other. Our contemporary era is also undergoing a kind of enlightenment, given the development of Internet and the global situation in the field of mass media. Still, the nature, we have a need to challenge but it´s powers we might have lost control over.

I grew up in Northern Norway, and clearly, its dramatic landscapes are integral to my visual vocabulary. I have internalized them to the point where they are part of my tacit knowledge