Anne Thomassen

The Elemetary Particles

In my works I have always been concerned with chaos, either through an inner or outer dissolution. Chaos in connection with some kind of exceedance or deconstruction, where you can find criticism of structures that construct our understanding of gender and power. At the same time, I am fascinated by people’s strive for order, or the search for some type of overview or understanding. The fact that we are trying to control a reality that is uncontrollable. In a place where disasters and mistakes happen, humour and the absurd arise.

For me clay represents a generated chaos, something positive, something that provides opportunities, a potential. Clay is essentially nothing, no solid form, only a chemical element. The material cultivates in geological processes where air, water and fire creates change. Based on this information, clay always carries meanings.

The title THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES is taken from Houellebecq’s novel with the same title. Houellebecq is said to dissect life, often by methods of provoking and challenging consensus and indifference in the society. By the use of scientific terminology, either to symbolize human emotions or as a powerful use of language, an objectivity I find resonance in arises.

For this exhibition my focus has been on the uncontrollable: body, geology and astrophysics. By bringing together these three apparently different fields, I attempt to create some sort of Babylonian confusion, through titles and the accompanying references.